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La entrega

febrero 12, 2017

Salvo menores,
todo analizado,
aquí se ha acabado,
brota nueva vida,
que ha empezado.

Dos vinilos,
uno resultante,
del otro fuente.

Resarcir la afrenta,
objetivo inalcanzable,
mas suavizar la misma,
mi objetivo loable.

Mi olvido reafirmo,
sepa vuestra merced,
tercero desde aulos,
resalto buscado.

El segundo figurante,
por fin coronado,
mas aquí sólo honrado
y bien acompañado.

De la música disfrute,
de lo que no llegó,
para siempre: ¡Descarte!

Anuncio publicitario

Show kde activity name plasmoid

febrero 10, 2017


I use Kde activities a lot and I want a simple plasmoid which shows the current activity I’m in. I have so many activities that the activity switcher (not sure of the correct name) would be too big for me to be usable.


There’s a plasmoid which it’s aimed originally aimed at showin current application name which we can install and setup so that it shows current activity.


application-name plasmoid showing an activity name in a panel

application-name plasmoid showing an activity name in a panel

Its name it’s applicationname-plasmoid .

Fetch and Installation

This installation it’s aimed to your current user. It won’t make the plasmoid available for the rest of the users of your machine.

git clone
cd applicationname-plasmoid/
zip package -r
plasmapkg -i


From a panel. Add graphical items. Filter by ‘name’ or search for ‘Application Name’. Double click on it for adding it to the panel.

Then right-click on it. Settings. Select «Always (never display app title)» at the «Show activity name» dropdown. You can optionally set a fixed width too. Finally you just need to click on OK to save the new settings.



application-name plasmoid Settings window

application-name plasmoid Settings window

KDE Activities Support for Firefox (Part 1 of 4)

febrero 9, 2017

KDE Activities Support for Firefox (Part 1 of 4)

Part 1: Firefox Accounts local server

Part 2: Firefox Sync-1.5 Server

Part 3: firefoxkde script setup

Part 4: Sync of bookmarks on different profiles

Firefox Accounts local server


Nodejs > 4.5.0 (As per Fxa Auth Server requisites)

Nodejs from Jessie is 0.10.29. We need to install it from source. However we will use an special deb repository for that

curl -sL |\
 sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install nodejs


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git

Fxa Auth Server

Fetching Fxa Auth Server

This is one of the two components needed. It’s an auth server.

mkdir fxa-auth-server
cd fxa-auth-server
git clone

Fxa Auth Server Requisites

Node >= 4.5.0

We already have it.


Nodejs 7.x already provides it.


# As a new fxaauth user
npm install grunt

Fxa Auth Server Installation

# As the new fxaauth user
cd fxa-auth-server
npm install

Testing Fxa Auth Server

# As the new fxaauth user
cd fxa-auth-server
npm start

Example of server starting ok:

fxa-auth-server.INFO: server.start.1 {"op":"server.start.1","msg":"running on"}

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