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Show kde activity name plasmoid

febrero 10, 2017


I use Kde activities a lot and I want a simple plasmoid which shows the current activity I’m in. I have so many activities that the activity switcher (not sure of the correct name) would be too big for me to be usable.


There’s a plasmoid which it’s aimed originally aimed at showin current application name which we can install and setup so that it shows current activity.


application-name plasmoid showing an activity name in a panel

application-name plasmoid showing an activity name in a panel

Its name it’s applicationname-plasmoid .

Fetch and Installation

This installation it’s aimed to your current user. It won’t make the plasmoid available for the rest of the users of your machine.

git clone
cd applicationname-plasmoid/
zip package -r
plasmapkg -i


From a panel. Add graphical items. Filter by ‘name’ or search for ‘Application Name’. Double click on it for adding it to the panel.

Then right-click on it. Settings. Select «Always (never display app title)» at the «Show activity name» dropdown. You can optionally set a fixed width too. Finally you just need to click on OK to save the new settings.



application-name plasmoid Settings window

application-name plasmoid Settings window

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