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Testing GNU/Linux live cds on HP 250 G6 2SX60EA

febrero 18, 2019

These are some live cds that I tested in an HP 250 G6 2SX60EA laptop and their simple results:

  • Rescatux 0.51b3: Show «Progress linux» prompt. This CLI mode does not let me log in with Debian Live default user and password.
  • Rescatux 0.62b1 (This is a private release, not a public one): Show «Progress linux» prompt. This CLI mode does not let me log in with Debian Live default user and password.
  • debian-live-9.7.0-amd64-gnome.iso: Show «Progress linux» prompt. This CLI mode does not let me log in with Debian Live default user and password.
  • debian-live-testing-amd64-gnome.iso: Graphical desktop but without wifi.
  • ubuntu-18.10-desktop-amd64.iso: Graphical desktop and wifi.
  • debian-live-testing-amd64-gnome+nonfree.iso: Graphical desktop and wifi.

The next batch of tests were done using Super Grub2 Disk 2.02s10 and trying to boot into all the OSes available on the system as it comes from the factory.

  • Boots into FreeDOS ok when booted in BIOS mode.
  • It is not able to boot HPDOCS (that’s normal because it is started from a syslinux.cfg file).
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Xorg fix for Grunding Cinaro

febrero 11, 2019

I have a Grunding Cinaro. It is a quite old television that happens to have an HDMI input. I think it’s a 576p or 720p HDMI input.

The specific Grunding model is: GRUNDING Cinaro 32 LXW 82-6612 REF .

Anyways the specific fix is not HDMI but for its VGA input.

This television has a PC source input which enables you to connect an VGA cable plus a 3.5 mm audio jack into it.


I have an small PC which I connect thanks to VGA to it.

The 1024×768 mode seem to work fine.


The 1280×720 mode at 60  Hz which would match some high quality output does not work ok.

The screen happens to moved to the right or the left and you miss part of your PC desktop on your television output.


As far as I concluded this comes from a wrong EDID announcement.

It seems that when a PC is connected to a device which offers a VGA port then the device announces the different modes with its sizes, resolutions, positions, etc.

And this announcement uses the EDID standard.


Well, let’s check what wikipedia says about EDID.

Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) is a metadata format for display devices to describe their capabilities to a video source (e.g. graphics card or set-top box). The data format is defined by a standard published by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA).

The EDID data structure includes manufacturer name and serial number, product type, phosphor or filter type, timings supported by the display, display size, luminance data and (for digital displays only) pixel mapping data.


So, now, you know.

How do you fix your output to use Grunding Cinaro to its full potential from its VGA port?


Here there is an script that it is run once I log in to my desktop.

# 60 Hz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
xrandr --newmode "1280x720_60.00" 74.48  1280 1336 1472 1664  720 721 724 746  -HSync +Vsync
xrandr --addmode VGA-1 1280x720_60.00
xrandr --output VGA-1 --mode 1280x720_60.00
# 75 Hz
#xrandr --newmode "1280x720_75.00" 95.65  1280 1352 1488 1696  720 721 724 752  -HSync +Vsync
#xrandr --addmode VGA-1 1280x720_75.00
#xrandr --output VGA-1 --mode 1280x720_75.00


As you might guess 1280×720 at 75Hz does not work so well. 1280×720 at 60Hz is fine for me.



Quick and dirty Debian package repository published in Sourceforge

diciembre 8, 2017


We are going to build a local repo and then push it to Sourceforge http server so that it’s public.


apt-get install apt-utils

Create the new repo


  • Binary and source package already available
  • We decide to have jessie and jessie-dev
  • All our packages are main section packages
  • Our architecture is i386

That means, e.g. that we already have:


Directory structure

mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo
mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo/jessie
mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo/jessie-dev
mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo/dists/jessie-dev/main/binary-i386/
mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo/dists/jessie/main/binary-i386/

Directory structure for packages

The packages I want to upload for now are: chntpw and rescapp .
So that everything is tidy.

mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo/jessie/chntpw
mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo/jessie-dev/chntpw
mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo/jessie/rescapp
mkdir -p /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo/jessie-dev/rescapp

Populate repo (chntpw)

I copy:


into this folder:


Populate repo (rescapp)

I copy:


into this folder:


Generate needed files (including source files)

cd /home/adrian/gnu/rescatux/repo

apt-ftparchive packages jessie-dev | gzip -c > dists/jessie-dev/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz
apt-ftparchive packages jessie | gzip -c > dists/jessie/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz
apt-ftparchive sources jessie-dev | gzip -c > dists/jessie-dev/main/binary-i386/Sources.gz
apt-ftparchive sources jessie | gzip -c > dists/jessie/main/binary-i386/Sources.gz

I ignore these messages:

chntpw has no source override entry
chntpw has no binary override entry either

Pushing repo into Sourceforge

First of all you need to create an sftp connection by the means of ssh.
Let’s assume that sfuser is your Sourceforge user and that your project unix name is: sfproject .

ssh -t sfuser, create

Now connect thanks to Filezilla with this quick settings:

    • Server:s
    • User:sfuser,sfproject
    • Password:TooSecret
    • Port:22

Now browse into:


and push there your local repo folder so that you have:


and you are done.

Additionally if you want anyone to be able to download your packages without using apt but simply using their browser you should upload:


with this single line as its content:

Options +Indexes

Final user use of your repo

They should create the file:


with this content:

deb jessie-dev main

Finally, make the system aware of this new repo thanks to:

apt-get update

Now my final user can install these packages like this:

apt-get install chntpw


apt-get install rescapp


Sign the packages and maybe provide a keyring package.

Useful links

A la sonrisa rusa

marzo 13, 2017

Se habla de un caminante perdido,
transitaba por la fría tundra.

La suerte dio con él,
floreció una rosa naranja,
en el paisaje blanco,
pudo él admirarla.

La leyenda cuenta,
es la flor escueta,
pues un sólo día,
en todo el invierno,
ella florece.

Aquél que la encontrase,
no olvidaría el recuerdo,
de su singular imagen,
ningún día de su vida.

Al salir del ascensor,
con tus labios carmesí,
de frente me encontré,
fue entonces cuando supe,
que tú en efecto eras,
mi rosa rusa anaranjada.

La entrega

febrero 12, 2017

Salvo menores,
todo analizado,
aquí se ha acabado,
brota nueva vida,
que ha empezado.

Dos vinilos,
uno resultante,
del otro fuente.

Resarcir la afrenta,
objetivo inalcanzable,
mas suavizar la misma,
mi objetivo loable.

Mi olvido reafirmo,
sepa vuestra merced,
tercero desde aulos,
resalto buscado.

El segundo figurante,
por fin coronado,
mas aquí sólo honrado
y bien acompañado.

De la música disfrute,
de lo que no llegó,
para siempre: ¡Descarte!

Show kde activity name plasmoid

febrero 10, 2017


I use Kde activities a lot and I want a simple plasmoid which shows the current activity I’m in. I have so many activities that the activity switcher (not sure of the correct name) would be too big for me to be usable.


There’s a plasmoid which it’s aimed originally aimed at showin current application name which we can install and setup so that it shows current activity.


application-name plasmoid showing an activity name in a panel

application-name plasmoid showing an activity name in a panel

Its name it’s applicationname-plasmoid .

Fetch and Installation

This installation it’s aimed to your current user. It won’t make the plasmoid available for the rest of the users of your machine.

git clone
cd applicationname-plasmoid/
zip package -r
plasmapkg -i


From a panel. Add graphical items. Filter by ‘name’ or search for ‘Application Name’. Double click on it for adding it to the panel.

Then right-click on it. Settings. Select «Always (never display app title)» at the «Show activity name» dropdown. You can optionally set a fixed width too. Finally you just need to click on OK to save the new settings.



application-name plasmoid Settings window

application-name plasmoid Settings window

KDE Activities Support for Firefox (Part 1 of 4)

febrero 9, 2017

KDE Activities Support for Firefox (Part 1 of 4)

Part 1: Firefox Accounts local server

Part 2: Firefox Sync-1.5 Server

Part 3: firefoxkde script setup

Part 4: Sync of bookmarks on different profiles

Firefox Accounts local server


Nodejs > 4.5.0 (As per Fxa Auth Server requisites)

Nodejs from Jessie is 0.10.29. We need to install it from source. However we will use an special deb repository for that

curl -sL |\
 sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install nodejs


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git

Fxa Auth Server

Fetching Fxa Auth Server

This is one of the two components needed. It’s an auth server.

mkdir fxa-auth-server
cd fxa-auth-server
git clone

Fxa Auth Server Requisites

Node >= 4.5.0

We already have it.


Nodejs 7.x already provides it.


# As a new fxaauth user
npm install grunt

Fxa Auth Server Installation

# As the new fxaauth user
cd fxa-auth-server
npm install

Testing Fxa Auth Server

# As the new fxaauth user
cd fxa-auth-server
npm start

Example of server starting ok:

fxa-auth-server.INFO: server.start.1 {"op":"server.start.1","msg":"running on"}

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El cuento de la quesera

enero 11, 2017

La primera fuiste
te odiara pedirme.

Rechazo obvio,
lo eras todo,
¿Cómo no amarte?

En contadas ocasiones,
hacía ti proyecto,
el enfado infantil,
pues todo lo tenía,
mas pobre de mi,
después desvanecía.

Mas sé que yerro,
puesto tu cuento,
el de la quesera,
lo di por sentado.

Frecuencia asegurada,
terna condicionada,
apetito desbocado,
todo era tan alocado.

Dos décadas pasando,
viviendo en lo virtual,
estando pero no siendo,
tenía que ser ese final.

No lo necesitaba.

En verdad siento,
mas si mi retiro,
tan, oh, literal,
no hubiese sido,
de los dos pares,
miel degustare.


diciembre 10, 2016

Segunda unidad mediaba,
después del Sol altivo,
silueta borrosa cruzaba.

La vista dirijo,
blanco encuadrado,
sólo diviso,
azul encuadrado,
sólo atisbo.

No está claro,
pero, oh, sí,
es el estampado.

La silueta se aleja,
paso tras paso,
parsimonía se refleja.

Ya no la siento,
Penélope no existe,
grato alivio,
pero vacío me siento.

La vida ha superado,
su andar trasciende,
como diente de león,
discreto y liviano.

Pesares no tiene,
feliz es bien ella,
pues son sus reglas,
a las que se atiene.

Ironía me persigue,
pues alma desaparece,
mas cuerpo resplandece,
aquel que escondías,
su potencial amagabas,
y yo lo ignoraba,
en sueños hoy tiene,
el lugar que se merece.

Epifanía de la luz

noviembre 9, 2016

A mis ojos miraste,
¡Me gustas! dijiste.
Nada entiendo repliqué,
¡Mujeres! replicaste.

La almohada consultaste,
lo que en mi buscabas,
del todo no hallabas.

Tu imagen de mi ser,
súbita se desvanecía,
cual rocío al mediodía.

Gran oportunidad asomaba,
después de un día postrado,
pros y contras evaluados,
por ti del todo apostaba.

La imagen de tu ser,
a los tres días,
de mi se apoderaba.

Como un globo infinito,
día tras día,
bondad le insuflaba,
día tras día,
sabiduría le insuflaba,
día tras día,
alegría le insuflaba.

Cuatro lunas pasaron,
la realidad a un lado,
mi realidad al otro.

Con mi silencio yerro,
pupila del todo ensangrentada,
no sólo te la muestro,
mas callo mi música peleada.

En el segundo acto,
requieres mi amnesía,
temes represalía,
nada más errada,
en esa noche estelada,
del todo estuviste.

Aunque lo aceptaba,
no lo comprendía,
basten estas líneas,
por fin, epifanía.

Después de juzgarte,
resulté botarate,
pues cuatro lunas,
contra una sola noche,
sólo soy un fantoche.