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Upgrading Debian Unstable system at 22th Feb 2014

febrero 22, 2014

I am going to upgrade my Debian Unstable system. First of all I am going to check my sources.list and my sources.list.d directory.

I’ve seen this entry:

# Needed for oyranos Check preferences
deb squeeze main

which I am going to remove because I’m not using oyranos as a colour management system.

I am going to leave:

deb sid main non-free

although I suspect that it’s the reason why I cannot install pidgin without uninstall kvirc.

I’m also going to disable some old stuff that I supposedly do not use:

# No need for apple-bl-gmux because Linux 3.10 includes it
deb precise main
# Another colour management tool that I do not use
deb /
# This repo let me install an Orange 3G pendrive even if the repo is for Movistar
deb stable main
# Oyranos repository
deb /
# I bet this is for trying to do some hibernating in my mac without loosing my mind
deb precise main
deb-src precise main

So that’s it. Let’s update and upgrade. I use it inside byobu so that if ever Xorg system gets wrong it continues to run.

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Now I’m getting this error:

Se encontraron errores al procesar:
Error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.PermissionsInvalid: The permission of the setuid helper is not correct
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

I’m going to run apt-get install -f and if it fails again I will remove that package for installing it later.

Well, actually the problem is about not having free space. I will run apt-get clean right now just after running apt-get install -f. And then I will re-run apt-get install -f. I always tell myself to remove libreoffice packages before updating but I sometimes forget about it.

Finally I remove some packages I do not need:


and I remove local packages to make some free space in root partition:

apt-get clean


After updating my system I have had to remove special windows settings for KVirc because I was not seeing it when it was setup to be found in all of the desktops. I will need to add that special settings again and see if it’s a configuration version problem or if it’s KWin window special settings which are faulty.