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Firefox 24 and show last opened windows and tabs by default

julio 17, 2013

As you might know I use Firefox with Kde activities as explained in: Soporte de actividades para Firefox actualizado para Kde 4.10.

When I updated to Firefox 24 then suddenly everytime I started Firefox there was no window from last session. Was my firefoxkde? Yes, somehow it needed improvement to meet new qdbus calls but even that fixed the last session was lost.

Well, it seems with newer Firefox the default behaviour is to get kind of a blank homepage with default shortcuts to sync, setup and so on.

So… What we need to recover our old default behaviour?

  • Edit
  • Preferences
  • General

When Firefox starts:

Select: Show my windows and tabs from last time

As per my special setup I run:


so that it asked me to run the default profile and change that setting in the default profile. This way the changes are also kept in new iceweasel profiles for new activities.

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