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Rebooting my internet ego…

marzo 8, 2013

Some time ago I read an article that said that kind of 14% of Internet interaction was active. That mean that the other interaction, the passive one, just consuming webpages or other media was the other 86%.

I find myself lately checking my most visited pages in a loop:

I’ve recently being used to check slashdot too.

Anyways I feel my life incomplete not being able to comment (or bookmark to comment later) these pieces of news. So I think this is going to change.

One of these changes is writing in English in this same blog which, to the date, I wrote exclusively in Spanish.

Not that my English is perfect but I want to get a broader audience and I want to force Spanish people to learn English by not handing them my howtos in their native language.

Spain regaining world leadership again should start by people learning English and that explains why I’m pretending to be English native speaker on Rescatux and Super Grub Disk support chats.

So my wish is:

Whenever I found myself checking once again the same passive pages I open up my wordpress blog and write an article about the most interesting and useful piece of news I’ve read.

If everything goes ok, I cannot promise anything because I’m quite of busy at work right now, my posting frequence will increase.

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