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Mac Book Pro 6,2 fans setup on Linux 3.10 and Debian Unstable

julio 28, 2013

Once again trying to setup my system so that I can use Linux 3.10 without too much hassle. Now it’s the turn for the fans. Since I used Linux 3.10 I noticed the fans were more noisy than before.

So in order to add fan setup first you need to install macfanctld from mactel-support ppa. I used the raring version.

So I’ve added the:


file so that their contents are:

 deb raring main

. This way I can install macfanctld with:

 apt-get update
 apt-get install macfanctld

and as I don’t want to get more problems when apt-get dist-upgrading I just disable the new repo by commenting the line.

Now I noticed that the fan setup was still noisy. Finally I found at Ubuntu Linux en un macbook pro a working setup that was not so noisy.

Basically what you have to do is edit:


and make sure that you replace these lines:

temp_avg_floor: 55 #45
temp_avg_ceiling: 65 #55

temp_TC0P_floor: 55 #50
temp_TC0P_ceiling: 65 #58

temp_TG0P_floor: 55 #50
temp_TG0P_ceiling: 65 #58

Once you have edited you only have to restart macfanctl daemon just like:

service macfanctld restart

and the noise gets down (if your laptop is cold enough of course).

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