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Debian Unstable Dist Upgrade for using Kde 4.10

julio 17, 2013

Apart from dist-upgrading to latest Debian Unstable I updated my sources.list to include:

deb experimental iceweasel-aurora

so that I got the latest Firefox. That was Firefox 24.

I’ve had to recreate ZDFox and adapt it to Firefox 24 thanks to: Setting up a custom Firefox to use in KDE Activities updated to Firefox 24.

First of all I recommend you to disable to firefox clean activities script if you use one like me. Because there are some changes needed and if you don’t do them you loose all the non default firefox profiles. So edit the script and put exit 0 at the beginning.

Then, please, update it as described in this updated article: Soporte de actividades para Firefox actualizado para Kde 4.10.

I also noticed that Firefox wasn’t opening windows and tabs from last session so I need to: Firefox 24 and show last opened windows and tabs by default.

And sync wasn’t working as expected so I read Servidor Firefox sync local to recreate sync server to the latest available version. Currently I have problems with syncronisation. Auth problems. It seems you need to remove the old sqlite databases for data and auth after all.

Currently I think that I’m missing the nautilus improvement described at: Que Nautilus no gestione el escritorio. Mejora KDE.

Not sure when but I’ll try to keep this post updated with improvements.

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