Broadcom BCM43224 in Linux Kernel 3.10

When updating to latest Debian Unstable I had the possibility of using Linux Kernel 3.10. However wifi was not working because of Debian wl driver (broadcom-sta) being based on official Broadcom driver.

The old way of using it that I described when I used Linux Kernel 3.2 was no longer working because source code had not been adapted to newest Linux Kernel versions.


I had already described this same problem when I tried to use Linux Kernel 3.8.

I was checking arch forum about this issue and they pointed me to Ubuntu where it seems the bcmwl package is the equivalent one for the Debian’s broadcom-sta* ones.

So I went to Ubuntu package bcmwl page and I downloaded most recent package which was the raring one : bcmwl-kernel-source in amd64 (Release) .

Once I had downloaded the package I just had to install it as another package.  That builds the newest wl code for all the kernels. I suppose I will need to remove broadcom-sta package so that if I dist-upgrade I don’t get any problem.

dpkg -i bcmwl-kernel-source_6.30.223.30+bdcom-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb


Linux Kernel 3.10 and Wifi. That’s great! Let’s hope that in the future Debian includes open source driver so that we can use it without no restriction.  For the record I submitted a bug about this broadcom open source driver.

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