d-i work sessions 3 at debconf9

I am trying to make a summary about what I hear at debian-installer work sessions 3 at debconf9.

Currently the event is in upper talk room and it is only 5 minutes till it begins and there is no one but me here. Just hope it has not been cancelled.

It is 18 hours and 3 minutes and nobody is here.
At 18 hours and 5 minutes a guy with a horse-tail hair comes here. He plugs its laptop to the projector. At 18 hours and 6 minutes he leaves the room.
I go to hacklab2 to learn about d-i with the d-i team.

I have learnt how the debian-installer source code folder hierarchy it is. I have also learnt that there is a kind of question-answer database manager called as the conference debconf (but as you can see with no capital letters). It seems that it is easy to build a plugin for the debian-installer howeverl what it is difficult, well, means working on it, is refactoring that plugin into a standalone gtk application.

The idea about an standalone gtk application based on debian-installer comes from Rescatux (One of my vaporware projects). This way I can have the application both in d-i interface and in a user-friendly live cd.

What does happen if you do not like live cds like me because they are very big? If the Rescatux options are based in debian-installer we can have a tiny live cd rescue cd similar to Super Grub Disk with the benefits of having a Linux kernel but without the hassels of a live cd on size and speed.

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